Parade Night

A normal Tuesday night starts at 1815 with First Parade. The Squadron is assembled on the parade ground and is addressed by the Officer Commanding (OC). After the parade, cadets pay in and move onto the nights program which can consist of lessons, drill and other activities.


Air League Education is based around a structured sylibus of subjects, each providing a badge on successful completion. There are several core subjects and plenty of range in possible subjects. A diploma course is also available which is made up of certain core subjects and a choice of elective subjects. Subject badges are worn on the uniform to show progress.


Drill is an important part of the Air League. Drill is used in competitions between various squadrons, to promote team work in each member, to allow orderly and professional movement of a body of members and to allow promotion of leadership qualities in out youth.

Other Activities

Guest Speakers, Sports Nights and many other activities are schedulled into various parade nights through the year. Input from the cadets is considered when setting out these and all events.